Authentic Latin American Street food

Gluten-free Latin Food

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From the founder of Las Paletas comes La Colombiana, which offers 100% authentic Colombian street food. Born and raised in Colombia, Diana Chavarro brings her authentic Latin flavors and family recipes to Cape Town.

In a country where street food is naturally gluten-free, you can expect to find us serving Arepas, fluffy handmade corn patties filled with slow-cooked meat, handmade cheese, and sauces. Corn-fried empanadas filled with slow-cooked meat or cheese and Patacones, fried plantains topped with your choice of meat and authentic Latin toppings.

Private Catering & Events

Tired of the usual food truck offering? We got you something completely new and authentic. Hire our food truck for your next wedding, birthday party or corporate event to add something complelty unique and autenthic.
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